Circle E 75oz Square Jar Candle

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Circle E 75oz Square Jar Candle
Five wicked square jar candle with metal lid, approximate burn time 350-400 hours, made in Fredericksburg, Texas, the candle for people who know candles.
Five wicked square jar candle with metal lid, approximate burn time 350-400 hours, made in Fredericksburg, Texas, the candle for people who know candles.
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Color Name Clear-Gold
SKU Circle E 75oz Square Jar Candle
Weight 12.000000
Brand Circle E Candles
Manufacturer's Part Number 75oz
Eligible for Free Shipping No
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What makes a 5 wick candle burn even
Please check here for the information you seek:,the%20edge%20and%20burn%20evenly.
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